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Buyer looking at a wall of miniature townhouses with price tags, unsure of which to buy
How To Buy A NYC Townhouse
What you need to know before buying a townhouse in NYC
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Co-op sublet rent payments getting lost to fees, vacancy and maintenance expenses before reaching the shareholder landlord
The Problem With Subletting a Co-op in NYC
Learn why subletting a co-op isn't all it's cracked up to be
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What is a Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in NYC?
What is Floor Area Ratio (FAR) in NYC?
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How Does Inflation Affect Real Estate Values?
How does higher inflation affect real estate values? Let's find out!
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How Much Is NYC Outdoor Space Worth?
Learn both the art and science of valuing outdoor space when you're buying an NYC apartment
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NYC Apartment Purchase Application Guide
A step by step guide to each component in your NYC co-op or condo purchase application
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NYC Property Tax Bills - How to Find and Read Them
Every NYC buyer should know where to find a property tax bill and how to read one.
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Nervous owners looking out their windows as a fuse labeled Land Lease attached to their building is burning
Land Leases - What NYC Buyers Should Know
Did you find a listing in NYC that is too good to be true, but the maintenance fees are high? You are likely dealing with a land lease. Learn more inside.
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Apartment owner looking out his window over a castle wall labeled "Title Insurance" where a contractor, heir and tax collector are waiting.
What is Title Insurance in NYC and Why Do You Need It?
Learn what title insurance is, why you need it and how much it costs in NYC
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Buyer walking into their NYC condo
What to Watch for When Buying a Condo in NYC
Avoid these common mistakes and oversights when buying a condo in NYC
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Coronavirus climbing the Empire State Building like King Kong
How Will Coronavirus Impact NYC Real Estate?
Learn about some of the many impacts coronavirus is having on the NYC residential real estate market
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Buyer looking at a real estate contract with a magnifying glass to read the find print
NYC Real Estate Contracts - Where Offers Get Serious
While an accepted offer is a big step, it's not until the contract is finalized and signed until you're officially buying an NYC apartment
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Buyer walking into an apartment for her co-op interview. She's worried it's going to be intense but everyone is friendly.
What to Expect at an NYC Co-op Interview
Stop worrying about your NYC co-op interview and read our guide so you know what to expect!
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Buyer stopped at a red light in a moving van with a sign that says "Need Board Approval"
Co-op / Condo Board Approval - How Long Does It Take in NYC?
The board approval process in NYC can seem black box but we do have some general guidelines that can help shape your buying timeline.
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Buyer sitting at a table that's about to break because the offering plan on top of it is so big and heavy
What is an Offering Plan in NYC and How Do You Find One?
Most NYC buyers only hear about an offering plan when it's being delivered to their attorney but they have a lot of good information you may want to read before submitting an offer on new development.
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Buyer presenting a seller an offer of a suitcase full of cash with a letter wrapped in bow on top
How to Make an Offer on an Apartment in NYC
Making an offer on an apartment in NYC can be nerve-wracking but it doesn't need to be! Here are the items and terms that should be included with your offer.
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A group of co-op owners nervously watching a bingo cage to see if their maintenance is going to go up or down
What Is Co-op Maintenance and How Often Does It Increase?
Co-op maintenance is an important part of your affordability math. Find out what is, how much it increases and how to find out a building's maintenance history.
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Inspector propping up a house on a jack looking at the pipes and other mechanicals
NYC Apartment Inspections - Are They Worth It?
Doing an inspection when you're buying an apartment in NYC will certainly reduce the transaction's risk but make sure you approach it the right way.
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Buyer looking at two lenders trying to decide whether she needs a pre-approval or pre-qualification
Pre-Approval vs. Pre-Qualification - What's The Difference?
It can be easy to confuse a pre-approval and pre-qualification. Learn about the difference and which you should get.
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Real estate buyer or seller is putting real estate comps into a cartoon machine and out pops an apartment's value
How To Use and Understand NYC Real Estate Comps
Real estate comps are critical to estimating the value of every property. Learn what they are and how to use them.
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Diagram showing the steps involved in successfully listing and selling an NYC apartment
NYC Seller's Guide - How To Sell Your Apartment
Whether you're thinking about selling your apartment with a broker or as a FSBO, Yoreevo runs you through the necessary steps
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Confused buyer looking at Aztec form, thinking of the Aztecs from ancient Mexico
What is an Aztech Recognition Agreement and Why Do You Need One?
Aztech Recognition Agreements (or Aztec Forms) are one of the quirkier parts of a co-op application. Find out what it is and why you need one.
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Buyer looking at stands filled with identical buyer agent wondering which one to choose
What is a Buyer's Agent and How Do You Find One?
Learn how to find a buyer's agent, what they do and if you need one when you're looking to buy an apartment in New York City
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A buyer is showing the seller his stacks of cash as proof of funds but they're actually bricks with one bill on the outside
Understanding Proof of Funds in Real Estate with Sample Letter
Find out what proof of funds is and why you should be including it (in some form) with every offer you make on an apartment in NYC
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Buyers stand at game show podiums while the host reveals their best and final offers for their NYC apartment purchase
How to Navigate a Best and Final Offer Round in NYC
Best and final offer rounds in NYC can be tricky and stressful but there are some simple tips you can use to make the process as smooth as possible!
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A seller and real estate broker are arm wrestling to negotiate the broker commission but the broker has a steel arm and can't lose
How To Negotiate A Broker Commission When Selling In NYC
Tips and information to help you negotiate down the "normal" 6% broker commission when you're getting ready to sell your NYC apartment
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Buyer and seller on trains heading to the closing but the buyer has a switch labeled Financing Contingency to change tracks and avoid the closing
What Is A Financing Contingency And Do You Need One?
While you hope you'll never need a financing contingency, you should always ask for one. Find out what it is and why all buyers should ask for one.
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Excited seller looks their open house out window at a buyer showing up with cash
Buying a House with Cash vs. Mortgage in NYC
Find out the benefits of buying real estate with all cash and why sellers universally prefer it over buying with a mortgage
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Homeowner cutting out a coupon to apply to the NYC STAR program
Understanding the School Tax Relief (STAR) Program in NYC
If you're a homeowner in NYC, the STAR program can save you a few hundred bucks a year! But first you need to register. Find out how and more!
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Buyer putting his foot on the ground into his NYC pied-a-terre
Why Pied-à-Terres Matter For All NYC Buyers
Pied-a-terres are an important component of the NYC real estate market. Find out why they matter to your NYC apartment search, even if you're a local!
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General pointing to presentation which outlines the asking price strategies to get the apartment sold. The options are Low, In-Line or High.
Strategies For Setting NYC Apartment Asking Prices
One of the trickiest parts of listing your NYC apartment for sale is setting the asking price. Learn the different approaches and which is right for you.
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Buyer looking at a long road paved with mortgage payments with off ramps with reasons she may pay it off early
Why A 30 Year Fixed Mortgage Rarely Makes Sense In NYC
Find out why a 30 year fixed mortgage almost never makes sense for NYC apartment buyers and what kind of mortgage you should get instead
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Buyer riding a rollercoaster over a wavy line chart showing NYC real estate transaction seasonality
When Is The Best Time To Buy An NYC Apartment?
Is there a best time of the year to buy NYC real estate? There is but the benefit is not as pronounced as it is nationwide.
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Buyer looking at apartment and all the things he needs to check during the walkthrough
What To Do At A Walkthrough + Checklist
What is a walkthrough? What should you check? When should you do it? Find the answers to these questions and learn what to do if there's a problem.
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Apartment building printing cash like a printing press
Guide to Buying an Investment Property in NYC
What should you watch out for when you're buying an investment property in NYC? Yoreevo walks you through all the basics!
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Buyer juggling the loan application, building application and contract after reaching an accepted offer
What Happens After Your NYC Apartment Offer Is Accepted?
Learn what steps need there are after your offer to buy a New York City apartment is accepted and how long the process should take
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A tenant is looking at a WeWork while a Yoreevo agent shows them a desk that's available for a discount
Half A Month Free! Get Your WeWork Discount
Get half a month free on a one year lease by working with Yoreevo. Save on WeWork and any other co-working space nationwide!
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Shiny NYC new development building with a red bow on top
Guide To Buying New Development In NYC
Yoreevo shows you the ropes for buying NYC new development. Worried about nuances and additional costs? Don't be, we explain it all!
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Owner showing potential buyers his NYC FSBO listing in his pajamas
The Costs and Savings of a FSBO in NYC
Selling your NYC apartment with a FSBO can certainly make sense but you need to understand the total picture before you do.
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Woman trying to get past high security door by scanning the building's certificate of occupancy
Guide to Understanding a NYC Certificate of Occupancy
Learn what a certificate of occupancy is, why it is required and what to do if you're looking to purchase an apartment without one.
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Confident buyer holding up a published Buyer's Guide
NYC Buyer's Guide - What Do You Need To Know?
Yoreevo's NYC buyer's guide walks you through each step of the home buying process. Learn what to consider before and during your search.
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Buyer looking at extremely small co-op apartment while flier says it is 1,000 square feet
How To Avoid Co-op Square Footage Pitfalls
Learn why co-op square footage is extremely unreliable and what you can do to protect yourself when buying and apartment in NYC.
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Buyer dressed like accountant confused by REBNY financial statement
REBNY Financial Statement - What Is It And Why Do You Need It?
Learn about the REBNY financial statement, how to fill it out and why it's usually required when bidding on an apartment in NYC
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Two first time home buyers stand in front of their new home
Helpful Tips For NYC First Time Home Buyers
Quick tips for anyone considering their first home purchase in NYC. Make sure you know how the purchasing process works before you start.
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Buyer or renter pouring money down complicated slide with multiple routes
Buy Versus Rent - Practical Advice For NYC
A simple guide for determining if buying or renting is right for you. Make sure to tick off these big items before starting the buying process.
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Ray gun labeled CEMA shrinking mortgage recording tax
CEMA - What Is It And Should You Look For One?
A CEMA can save you thousands on your mortgage recording tax but they're a little complicated. We answer buyers' most common questions.
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Real estate broker winning the Annual Hourly Rate Award at top of Olympics stand
Think Your Broker Is Worth $700 Per Hour? You Better
You're paying your broker hundred of dollars per hour to help you buy an apartment. Check out the math and what you can do about it.
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Buyer opening $0 property tax bill because of tax abatement
NYC 421a Tax Abatements - What Are They And How To Verify
Yoreevo provides a step by step tutorial to verify NYC tax abatements and figure out exactly how much you'll be saving on property taxes.
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Seller handing keys to buyer and others with hands out for seller closing costs
NYC Seller Closing Costs - What To Expect & How To Save
Closing costs are a material part of any NYC real estate transaction. Learn what to expect and how to minimize your closing costs.
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Townhouse with price tag attached that has the price and additional buyer closing costs
Everything You Need To Know About NYC Buyer Closing Costs
Closing costs are a material part of any NYC real estate transaction. Learn what to expect and how to minimize your closing costs.
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Nervous buyer surrounded by heads telling her mortgage rates are going up and she needs to buy now
How Does the Fed Rate Affect Mortgage Rates?
Mortgage rates are very important for homebuyers and the overall housing market but the interest rates everyone on TV talks about? Not so much.
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Rock'em sock'em robots toys fighting but with condo and co-op buildings for heads
What's The Difference Between A Co-op And A Condo In NYC?
Co-op or a condo? The first question every NYC buyer asks. Find answers to all your questions and make sure you know which one is right for you.
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Real estate broker with a commission check sticking out of his briefcase. Zoomed in we see it is for "a lot of money!"
How Much Do NYC Real Estate Agents Make?
Find out what life is like for real estate agents that aren't on TV and why it affects what you pay to buy or sell your NYC apartment.
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Buyer standing before three people, unsure which is a real estate broker, agent or Realtor
Real Estate Agent vs Broker: The Real Difference
Understanding the difference between a real estate agent and broker is important for anyone buying or selling. Learn more in this guide.
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Seller trying to move from his building but there is a toll labeled Flip Tax he has to pay
The Flip Tax: Everything NYC Buyers Need To Know
The Flip Tax in NYC is a transfer fee imposed by a building. Despite the name, it is not actually a tax as it goes to the building. Learn more inside.
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Building surrounded by scaffolding due to local law 11
Local Law 11 and FISP in NYC: A Comprehensive Guide to the Safety Program
Local Law 11 was designed to keep both NYC pedestrians and buildings safe. Learn how the law affects you as a New York City home buyer or seller inside.
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Banker handing a buyer his mortgage with a government employee in the back looking for the NYC mortgage recording tax
The Complete Guide to the NYC Mortgage Recording Tax
The mortgage recording tax is one of the largest closing costs NYC home buyers pay. Inside find out how you can offset the tax and more.
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Vacuum labeled NYS and NYS sucking the transfer tax out a sack of cash the buyer is handing the seller
2023 Guide - NYS and NYC Transfer Taxes
In New York City, a Real Property Transfer Tax (RPTT) is paid on all transfers of real property and co-op shares over $25,000. Learn more inside.
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Buyer reading a mansion tax bill for his new property
2023 NYC Mansion Tax Guide: Everything You Need To Know
Click for the updated mansion tax rates following New York's 2020 budget as well as everything else you should know when buying a home over $1 million
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Buyer looks at two options - go direct to listing broker or use a buyer's broker and get a commission rebate
Why Should You Use A Buyer’s Broker And Not Go Direct?
By using a buyer’s broker, you'll receive dedicated representation for free and if your broker offers commission rebates, it’s even better than free!
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Cartoon Donald Trump letting the air out of a building to signify tax reform will weaken the NYC real estate market
How Badly Will Tax Reform Impact NYC Real Estate?
NYC real estate will be negatively affected by the tax reform of late 2017 but numbers being thrown around in the media overstate the impact.
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Annoyed real estate agent holding her commission in sacks of cash giving a StreetEasy employee one coin as a rental fee
What’s Changed At Streeteasy And Will It Affect NYC Buyers?
Streeteasy started charging for rentals in the summer of 2017 which caused an uproar from brokers. A year later, Streeteasy has clearly won.
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Confusing diagram used as a metaphor for the complicated way in which buyer's brokers get paid
How Does A Buyside Broker Get Paid And Why?
The seller ultimately pays a buyer's broker. Sound weird? It should. Learn how your broker is getting paid, why and what you can do about it.
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Real estate broker with a big magnet sucking up real estate broker commissions in the form of cash
Are NYC Real Estate Broker Commissions Too High?
A lot has changed in the NYC real estate market over the last 10 years but if there has been one constant, it has been brokers' extremely large commissions.
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Buyer looking at a sponsor unit apartment with Sponsored By Yoreevo scattered around the room
What Is A Sponsor Unit in NYC?
Ever see "sponsor unit" when you're searching for apartments? Find out what this NYC specific term means and the advantages and disadvantages of buying one!
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