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How Big Could Your Rebate Be?

  • $ 0
  • $ 500,000
  • $ 1,000,000
  • $ 1,500,000
  • $ 2,000,000

Purchase price: Save:

Full Service Means Full Service:

  • Understand what you’re looking for
  • Identify appropriate apartments for sale
  • Schedule and accompany you to apartment viewings
  • Provide pricing analysis for all apartments under consideration
  • Guide you through negotiations
  • Refer you to vetted mortgage originators and attorneys
  • Assist with board package
  • Hand you a commission rebate

So How Are We Able To Afford A Commission Rebate?

  • We Focus On Transactions, Not Marketing – Our 2% rebate drives buyers to Yoreevo, allowing us to spend more time helping clients and less time finding them.

  • Our Costs Are Lower – You probably like fancy offices and glossy pamphlets as much as we do but we’re betting you like a 2% rebate more. By focusing on running lean, we can afford to rebate up to 2% of the purchase price to you.

  • We Think 3% Commissions Are Way Too High – Most products and services tend to get better and/or cheaper over time but broker services haven’t. With incredible improvements in information availability and NYC’s growing real estate prices, we think 3% is excessive and unnecessary.

Money Flow In A Typical Real Estate Transaction

You'll hear "Buyers don't pay for a broker." Technically that's true, so how are they getting paid?

step 1

At closing, money goes to the seller and the apartment goes to the buyer. No surprises here.

step 2

The seller then pays the listing broker 5-6% of the purchase price…

step 3

…which is split with the buyer’s broker. This is how your broker gets paid without you technically paying them. With other brokers, the flow of money stops here.

step 4

But when using Yoreevo, the buyer (you!) receives a rebate for up to 2% of the purchase price at closing. We pass most of our commission to you. That’s it!

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