West Village Neighborhood Guide

Woman sitting in the West Village's Christopher Street Park with The Stonewall Inn behind her

Even if they don’t know it by name, everyone is familiar with the West Village. Its picturesque, tree lined streets have starred in countless movies and television shows and its eclectic residents and shops have made it one of the most interesting and desirable neighborhoods in NYC.

The West Village’s borders are generally considered - 

  • West - The Hudson River
  • North - 14th Street
  • East - Greenwich Ave and Sixth Ave
  • South - Houston Street

Bordering neighborhoods include Chelsea, Greenwich Village and Soho.


While it may be all the way on Manhattan’s west side, the West Village has incredibly good access to transportation. Surrounding the neighborhood, you have the eleven subway lines (A/C/E/1/2/3/B/D/F/M/L) and the Path train. 

If biking is more your style, Citibike stations are widely available - thirteen at last count!

And if you’re one of the rare New Yorkers with a car, not only are you next to the West Side Highway but the West Village also has the last gas station in lower Manhattan!


The West Village always seems to balance the energy of its stores, restaurants and coffee shops with a tranquil vibe. A lot of the credit there goes to the composition of the neighborhood which is almost entirely residential. 

When you look around, it can be hard to believe you’re in Manhattan. There are no skyscrapers and buildings generally top out at six stories. A lot of the credit goes to NYC Landmarks which protects much of the West Village from development. You can be almost certain nothing is ever going to change in the Greenwich Village Historic District which has been watching over the area since 1969.

It’s easy to get lost on a stroll around the West Village as most of its streets do not follow Manhattan’s grid system because the neighborhood was settled before it was adopted in 1811. The fusion of the old and new sometimes creates confusing intersections like that of West 10th Street and West 4th Street!


The West Village is old and that’s the way everyone likes it. With NYC’s Landmarks Preservation Commission watching over it, change is virtually impossible.

When you’re apartment shopping here, you’ll find a lot of bare bones, walk-up co-op buildings. Even elevators or basement laundry rooms are hard to find and considered rare amenities. There are also condos - both old and new development - but they’re a very small percent of the housing stock and you’ll have to pay up for one. 

You’re really going to have to pay up regardless to live in the West Village. It is consistently ranked as one of the most expensive in the city but if anything, those lists underestimate the cost of living here. With so many small, basic co-op apartments, it’s amazing the West Village’s prices compete with large Tribeca lofts and Midtown’s luxury glass towers. 

West Village one bedrooms start at $700,000 and two bedrooms around $1,500,000. There’s really no cap on the high end. 

Things to Do

When it comes to going out, there are three things everyone will mention - eat, drink and shop. 

The West Village is packed with restaurants, many of them perennially among the best in the city. No matter what kind of cuisine you’re looking for, you’ll have plenty of options. A couple of our favorites are -

And for dessert, you’ll have to plan ahead because the choices can be overwhelming!

If you’re not looking for a meal and just want to grab a drink, you can’t go wrong with -

And when you’re shopping, there are two types of stores. Along and off Bleecker Street, you’ll find small outposts for high end retailers like Diptyque, Aesop and Paul Smith. But venture off Bleecker and you’ll find the neighborhood’s past in stores like Housing Works, Three Lives & Company and Very Special Flowers.

And while the West Village can’t claim Washington Square Park, it does have a few parks of its own if you’d like to relax, exercise or get some sun. 

The largest and biggest draw is Hudson River Park. While it technically stretches from Midtown to Battery Park, many of its most popular piers are in the West Village. Christopher Park, Abingdon Square, Jackson Square and Father Demo Square are also sprinkled throughout so you’re never more than a few blocks away from some extra greenery. 

What else?

There’s always more to see, learn and do in the West Village. For movie lovers, there’s the IFC Center and Film Forum. Book lovers need to check out the Jefferson Market Library (an architectural gem and one of only three NYPL locations open on Sunday). We’ll even let the West Village take credit for the Highline which starts on Gansevoort Street.

If you’re thinking about buying in the West Village, just let us know! Both of Yoreevo’s co-founders bought apartments here many years ago so we can answer all of your questions and help you save up to 2% on any apartment with our commission rebates!

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