Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we receive. Have others? Want to talk through it? Give us a shout!
How it works
What if I am already working with an agent?

If you would like to have your own Yoreevo agent and receive a commission rebate, you will have to end the relationship with your current broker.

Are there any obligations or costs to use your site?

Our platform and services are free and we don’t lock you into any contracts. That simple.

Can you help with new construction/development properties?

Yes! But it’s very important to contact us early in the process. If you haven’t signed a contract yet, give us a call and we’ll let you know if it’s not too late.

What’s the difference between Yoreevo and Streeteasy/Zillow?

We primarily have the same listings. Because we are members of local MLSs, Yoreevo gets listings much faster and can show homes that you won’t see on other big sites. In addition to our rebate, we differentiate with seamless scheduling and preparing offers online. All with guidance from your dedicated Yoreevo agent!

How does Yoreevo’s service compare to other brokers?

We provide a better version of all the services you would expect from a traditional broker. You have an experienced agent that can answer all your home buying questions, manage the process, and is with you every step of the way. In addition, you will be able to leverage our home buying platform to browse listing, keep track of viewings, schedule viewings, and get a big fat commission rebate!

What if I found a home that is not on your site?

If the property is located in NYC we can definitely help. If it is outside of NYC but still in New York we still may be able to help. Reach out to us at or give us a call at (212) 365-0151 to get started!

When and how do I get my rebate?

Your commission rebate is given to you in form of a check at the closing table. It’s that simple. Alternatively, we can issue your rebate as a credit on the transaction.

So I get full service AND a commission rebate?

Yup! Our platform helps Yoreevo acquire customers and streamlines the buying process. This allows our agents to spend their time directly servicing clients like you instead of looking for new business and pushing paper. We then pass on those savings in the form of a commission rebate.

Is the commission rebate taxable?

The IRS has stated that a rebate is an adjustment to the purchase price and not taxable income. With that said, it’s recommended you consult with a CPA to analyze your particular situation.

Why do I need Yoreevo? Can I go directly to the listing broker and get the entire commission?

Unfortunately that won’t work. The listing agent will want to be compensated for representing you in addition to the seller. Two of Yoreevo’s co-founders tried this unsuccessfully, inspiring the creation of this consumer first company.

In addition to a haggle-free rebate, working with Yoreevo also means an experienced agent looking out for your best interests. When going direct, you expose yourself to dual agency which is very much a grey area (and illegal in some states).

How do commission rebates work?

As a buyer, your agent is paid a commission by the listing agent. Most commonly, that’s 3%. Yoreevo gives you a commission rebate for two-thirds of the total commission (so 2% on most listings).

For more details, check out this post and our rebate terms.

How does Yoreevo save me money when selling?

Yoreevo is a full service brokerage that uses technology to lower the cost of transacting. We charge a 1% listing fee - significantly less than a traditional brokerage.
In addition to the 1% listing fee, we recommend our sellers offer an additional 2.5% or 3% to the buyer’s agent to engage the agent community and its buyers.

How will my listing be marketed?

Yoreevo plugs into the same listing distribution system as other brokers (the REBNY Listing Service or RLS) so your listing will be on all the big sites – Streeteasy, Zillow, Trulia, the New York Times and more. The RLS also advertises the co-broke to buyers’ brokers so they can simply focus on getting their client into the listing.

What selling services does Yoreevo provide?

Everything. There are no additional fees or asterisks when you sell with Yoreevo. Included in the 1% listing fee are professional photos and marketing materials, comprehensive listing distribution, unlimited open houses and private showings and, of course, a dedicated, experienced agent throughout the entire transaction.

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