Yoreevo strives to reimagine the real estate brokerage, delivering an unparalleled digital experience and personal service while lowering the costs of NYC homeownership.

Why hasn’t the arcane process of buying or selling NYC real estate changed over the last few decades? We don’t know. That’s why we started Yoreevo.

We’re reinventing every step of the transaction to provide a hassle free, superior experience at a fraction of the cost.

Meet the Team

Photo of James McGrath, Yoreevo Co-Founder

James McGrath

As a financial analyst, most recently at Citadel, James saw complacent industries disrupted by new business models and technologies. He joined Yoreevo to bring both to real estate and lower costs for consumers.


Photo of Leon Goldfeld, Co-Founder of Yoreevo

Leon Goldfeld

Leon worked in consulting and finance before leaving Midtown’s skyscrapers to develop his own proprietary trading system over the last few years. He’s now applying that innovative spirit to the real estate industry at Yoreevo.


Photo of Ali Shulman, Yoreevo real estate agent

Ali Shulman

Ali studied real estate at Lehigh University, then worked as a business analyst in the FinTech industry. Prior to joining Yoreevo, Ali handled many transactions, in addition to working in client services and project management. She brings client-focused skills and a lifelong passion for real estate to Yoreevo – helping clients find, negotiate and close real estate transactions.


Our Values


We put all our cards on the table. On every deal, our clients know how much they’re saving and how much we’re making. Our valuations are data-driven and shared in full detail.  If you ever have a question, we have an answer! We’re an open book!

Customer First

We put our customers first to ensure not just a successful transaction but a client for life. If you are not thrilled with your experience, we aren’t doing our job.


Real estate brokers have operated in the same way for decades. Yoreevo has taken a fresh look to  reduce waste and increase efficiency from the start to finish. The result? Savings for you with no compromise.

Buyers receive full-service representation and up to 2% commission rebates.
Sellers pay just a 1% listing fee for a dedicated Yoreevo agent and end-to-end service.

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