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CEO of Big NYC Brokerage #1 - “The buyers and sellers of the real estate are not my customers. My customers are our brokers.”

CEO of Big NYC Brokerage #2 - “Our only customer is the agent”

Call us crazy but we think buyers and sellers should be our customers.

Yoreevo is reinventing the NYC real estate brokerage. By building our company from the ground up with the right technology driven approach, we’re able to execute transactions much more efficiently and save our customers a lot of money. And just to clarify, Yoreevo’s customers are in fact “the buyers and sellers of the real estate!”

Streamlined, stress-free, home shopping - it’s about time!

What we believe in

Yoreevo’s commission rebate for every property is available on our website

We’re streamlining your purchase from the initial search to the closing table

You’ll have a dedicated agent at your side throughout the whole process

People behind Yoreevo

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James McGrath
As a financial analyst, most recently at Citadel, James saw complacent industries disrupted by new business models and technologies. He joined Yoreevo to bring both to real estate and lower costs for consumers.
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Leon Goldfeld
Leon worked in consulting and finance before leaving Midtown’s skyscrapers to develop his own proprietary trading system. He’s now applying that innovative spirit to the real estate industry at Yoreevo.
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Ali Shulman
Ali studied real estate at Lehigh University, then worked as a business analyst in the FinTech industry. She brings client-focused skills and a lifelong passion for real estate to Yoreevo – helping clients find, negotiate and close real estate transactions.
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Paula Coughlan
Paula worked as a legal secretary at a real estate management firm before joining Yoreevo. She is dedicated to making the home-buying process simpler and cheaper for our clients.
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Elizabeth Le
Liz’s background extends from being a paralegal to NYC apartment rentals. These experiences have allowed her to synthesize professionalism, efficiency and effectiveness to earn her clients' trust and confidence.
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Richard Skinner
Rich's 8+ years of real estate experience and his passion for the industry has seen him succeed in both the Long Island and NYC market. In total, Rich has advised on $200m+ of real estate transactions between NYC and Long Island. He is excited to share his expertise with new clients at Yoreevo.
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Carolina Barreto
Carolina brings years of experience on both a high producing traditional agent team and large management company overseeing day to day communications, scheduling and strategy implementation. A seasoned professional of both the listing and buying process she supports Yoreevo in making your property goals a reality.
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