Get the home you want and up to 2% back at closing!

Full Service.

Huge Rebates.

Best Results.

How Much Can You Save?

  • $500,000
  • $ 1,600,000
  • $ 2,750,000
  • $ 4,000,000
  • $ 5,000,000

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Buying with Yoreevo

Full Service

We’re with you until you find the right home – navigating you through the process of discovery, negotiation, documentation and closing.

Commission Rebates

 All customers get a rebate when buying with Yoreevo – almost always 1.5% or 2% of the purchase price.

Best Results

Delivering great results and putting the customer first leads to lots of referrals and repeat business. More business equals more rebates!

At Yoreevo, we help BUYERS

Thoroughly understand their search

Identify properties

Schedule viewings that we attend together

Connect with vetted, reputable mortgage originators and attorneys

Negotiate until a deal is finalized

Analyze pricing for all units under consideration

Assemble complete board packages

Walk away with a large commission rebate!

How Do We Do It?

Yoreevo has reinvented the real estate brokerage model. By making every step of the process as efficient as possible, our agents are more than 5x as productive as the typical agent. You save money, we make money, everyone wins.


Duggan & Mara | G Village 2BR
JAMIE & DIANA | Greenpoint 2BR
RADHIKA C. | Midtown West 1BR
Brett E. | Upper East Side 1BR

Check out the video to hear directly from Duggan & Mara about their Yoreevo experience!

When you have that level of service, coupled with receiving that 2% commission rebate at closing, for us, we knew Yoreevo was the right decision. Yoreevo really put our interests first. It wasn’t just about getting to closing, it was about getting to closing with the right deal for Mara and I. – Duggan

The team was always available, whether it was a text or a call. Any question we had, they were able to answer and they always made us feel comfortable. We’ve already recommended Yoreevo to some of our friends and colleagues because we had such a great experience! – Mara

Duggan & Mara | Greenwich Village | 2 Bedroom

“As first time home buyers the process was daunting and confusing to navigate but Leon patiently guided us every step of the way. We’ve recommended Yoreevo to everyone we know. Leon is professional and personable, he was always on our side working to make our purchase as smooth and successful as possible. The best part about working with Leon was that he was more focused on providing encouragement and meeting our needs than he was on closing a deal. We now consider Leon a friend and would highly recommend him to anyone that is buying a home. Thank you, Leon! And thank you Yoreevo for pushing against real estate norms by changing the commission game.”

Jamie & Diana  |  Greenpoint  |  2 Bedroom



“We recently purchased a condo in Manhattan with the help of James and Leon. Both were great to work with and I am already recommending them to my friends. I have met with many brokers, who always seemed to be pushing their own agenda and didn’t really care about what we wanted – Leon and James were the complete opposite. They were proactive, respectful, engaged, honest, responsive and really acted like owners through the entire process. We were also impressed with their drive and willingness to keep negotiating on our behalf through our entire transaction – it truly felt like we were all in it together. Very happy to have used Yoreevo for this purchase and would highly recommend to others!”

Radhika C.  |  Midtown West  |  1 Bedroom


“I recently purchased an apartment with James and Leon from Yoreevo as my agents and it was a great experience. During the apartment search they really listened to my criteria and were careful about showing me apartments that actually met the conditions I was looking for. My past experience with other brokers always felt like they were pushing what they wanted on me rather than finding me what I was looking for. That was never the case with Yoreevo. Once we found the right apartment they guided me through the entire process from making my initial bid to the closing. The commission rebate at the end of the process was the icing on the cake and went a long way towards covering my closing and moving costs. I always felt confident that they were truly working on my behalf and advocating for my best interest at every step of the process. I highly recommend them both.”

Brett E.  |  Upper East Side  1 Bedroom


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245 10th Ave #2E – Chelsea – $39,800 Rebate

54 W 16th St #4J – Flatiron – $10,375 Rebate

1229 Putnam Ave #2E – Bushwick – $5,600 Rebate

205 Third Avenue #3D – Gramercy Park – $12,075 Rebate

160 West End Avenue #20G – Lincoln Square – $7,575 Rebate

765 St Anns Ave #C – Woodstock – $7,400 Saved

269 Kingsland Ave #2B – Greenpoint – $12,200 Rebate

435 East 77th Street #5G – Lenox Hill – $9,300 Rebate

392 Fenimore Street – Prospect Lefferts Gardens – $14,800 Rebate

205 Third Ave #8P – Gramercy – $10,350 Saved

1141 Shore Parkway – Bath Beach – $4,160 Rebate

7 East 14th St #927 – Flatiron – $12,825 Rebate

87 Columbia Heights #56 – Brooklyn Heights – $23,000 Saved

41 East 28th Street #6C – NoMad – $13,875 Rebate

244 Madison Ave #10B – Midtown South – $10,000 Rebate

219 W 81st Street #8E – Upper West Side – $36,250 Rebate

161 East 110th St #6F – East Harlem – $12,300 Rebate

81 Ocean Parkway #6K – Windsor Terrace – $9,000 Saved

215 Lafayette Ave #A – Clinton Hill – $20,174 Rebate

69 Fifth Ave #16A – Flatiron – $19,800 Rebate


Frequently Asked Questions

How do commission rebates work?

It’s pretty simple. On every property, a commission is offered to the buyer’s broker. Most commonly, it’s 3% of the sale price. If you work with a traditional broker, they take that 3% and say “Thank you very much!” Yoreevo simply gives you 2% back in the form of a commission rebate.

How are Yoreevo and other buyer’s brokers compensated?

Buyer’s brokers are almost always paid by the listing broker in the form of an advertised commission. A broker can go into the broker portal and look up how much they will get paid on any property. Of course that information is not available to the general public.

The only people determining how much your broker gets paid are the seller and the listing broker. If you do not ask for a commission rebate, you have absolutely no say in the matter. Many buyers never even find out how much their broker was paid!

How does Yoreevo’s service compare to that of other brokers?

We’d like to think our service is better but we’ll have to show you that for ourselves. As far as services provided, we are there at every step. It doesn’t matter if you’re just thinking about buying or ready to submit an offer.

By coming to our website reaching out, you have saved us a lot of money. We return those savings in the form of a commission rebate while still providing everything you expect.

Can Yoreevo help me get a commission rebate outside of NYC?

Absolutely! In addition to REBNY, Yoreevo is a member of the MLS of Long Island and has helped buyers get commission rebates outside of NYC. Please contact us for more information.

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